AutoBacklight 1.00

Control light consumption and save battery life


  • Simple to use
  • Saves battery life
  • Allows you to schedule light settings by the hour


  • Only really useful if you suffer from particularly poor battery life

Not bad

Are you struggling with fading battery life on your PDA? AutoBacklight is a small application that allows to adjust backlight intensity according to the current time. In this way, it helps to improve display readability and optimize power consumption meaning your PDA should run longer without recharging.

The simple and clearly presented interface shows you the settings for brightness and contrast. Using the scale, you can set the intensity of the light you require at any given time of the week. Once programmed, AutoBacklight strictly follows your instructions and will adjust light settings accordingly.

One other advantage is that AutoBacklight allows you to control brightness and contrast separately so you can refine your light settings more accurately. You can literally set AutoBacklight for a different occasion every hour. A simple to use program although it will only mainly be of use to those that suffer from poor battery life.

Do you suffer from poor battery life on your PDA or is your battery getting old?

AutoBacklight allows you to control the light settings on your device so that you can manage power consumption more efficiently.

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AutoBacklight 1.00

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